Experienced-based international peace event“Hiroshima Bon Dance” to be held!

Date and time: August 11 (Sat.), 2018
1st Program: 14:00-17:30
2nd Program: 18:30-22:00 (tentative)

※ Postponed to Aug. 12 in the event of rain.

Venue: Site of Former Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stadium
5-25 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City

■What is the Hiroshima Bon Dance?

The “War Victims Memorial Bon Dance Festival” was sponsored by The Chugoku Shimbun Company and held at the current site of the Former Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stadium on August 7, 1946 as the country worked toward recovery from the war. Filled with the passion of the Hiroshima residents, the festival pledged itself to the consolation of the souls of the war victims, post-war recovery and peace.
And, this year is 72 years since the 1946 “War Victims Memorial Bon Dance Festival.” The “Hiroshima Bon Dance” will be held as a new Hiroshima summer tradition reflecting the spectacular recovery of the city after the dropping of the atomic bomb.
Through traditional Japanese performing arts and culture, the “Hiroshima Bon Dance” will hand down through generations the sentiments, memories, and history of that time. The history of the recovery and peace of Hiroshima will start to head in a new direction this summer.

■Event Overview (tentative)

  • 14:00-
    1st Program: “Stage by Hiroshima City Youth Center”
  • 18:30-
    2nd Program: “Hiroshima Bon Dance” (Invitation Drum)
  • 19:00-
    Opening Ceremony
  • 19:15-
    Dai bon Dance Festival “Mass Dance,” “Neighborhood Organization Bon Dance,” etc.
  • 22:00

Event Zones: Tentative establishment of Gourmet, Participating Organization & Supporting Company Exhibition, Youth Exchange, Inbound Hospitality, International Exchange, Folded Paper Crane Candle Tower, Hiroshima Summer Festival, Reception Guidance for Unscheduled Bon Dance Participation by Foreigners, etc.




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